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1. Would you be willing to be transferred?
2. Would you be willing to work overtime?
3. Do you agree to receive your monthly salary through bank transfer?
4. Have you ever been reprimanded / dismissed from your previous company?
5. Do you have any legal convictions / offences / police records in the past?
6. Are you presently pregnant? (for female only)
7. Do you suffer from any serious ilness?
8. Do you suffer from any significant physical or psychological illness or disability?
9. Do you take any alcoholic drinks?
10. Do any of your family members currently involved in any retail, supermarket, supply chain, warehousing or F&B business?
11. Is any of your Family members/relatives also a staff of this company? If yes, please state the name, position, department and relationship.


(Referees stated herein should be your previous reporting manager)
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